Aquest matí vaig sortir del llit de 7:30 hora local. Encara caça en T32 però no qualsevol Glimp d'ella. Ok veurem si treballem en un nou DXCC 30mtr en CW o RTTY.
Vaig veure una taca de ZL1ALZ. At first i was pointing to the short path but he was not very loud.
Turned the dipole a bit to Long path and the signal became Loud. Very loud.

I worked John 1 up and his comment was nice to see on screen. PE2MC Big Sig 🙂
Mixw is not decoding 100% so i have to listen very carefully if he called me.
The program is handy to use in many modes.

We worked 126dxcc now on 30mtr with the SteppIR dipole so it’s going very well.

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