I last few weeks i have seen many spots from ZK3.
No propagation into PA to work him. Or the time slot was wrong.
Yesterday the propagation was good and a friend of mine  (v) PE2LZ worked ZK3OU on 30mtr.
Well i told him i’m free on monday lets give it a try see what happens.

This morning we heard ZK3YA Bob in Rtty.
Signal was arround 5/5 , 5/6 with some qsb.

Well lets heat up and work the new dxcc 🙂
After a few minutes in Rtty we worked Bob. Dxcc 294 tnx you Bob!!

A few hours later i saw the spots again from Bob now on 20mtr rtty. Also this one is a winner. I made a qso.

The next moring i saw Bob on 17mtr. For days your are seaching and hunting nothing. Another day you get the pick on what band you would like to make a qso. That’s Hamradio.

Propagation is getting somewhere. Sun where are ya 🙂

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