On the 8th and 9th of May we have in the Netherlands a National Windmill weekend.In this weekend many Windmills are open for public.

This weekend people can look inside the Windmills and look around.Also they can ask question about how things work.

Last year Jelle,PD5JFK did ask me if i wanted to join him at the National Windmill weekend and set the WindmillThe Eendrachton air.We both knew that in the UK the Windmill activations were already a few years a very big succes..We are HAM radio operators and of course i wanted to join him.

This weekend was very interresting for us,but also for the visitors of the Mill.We where allowed to sit inside the Windmill with our radio gear.

This way we also could tell people about our hobby and passion,HAM radio.We spoke to a lot of people who were very interested and had a lot of questions.We showed the people a Worldmap on wich we showed the Countries we did spoke with.

For us it was also nice to put the Windmill,with a special callsign,on the air.This way also the Windmill did get extra advertisemend on air,on internet via our special page and also at the end via a nice special QSL card.

On this page you can see the Windmills that will be on air during the weekend of 8th and 9th of May 2010.If you want to activate a Windmill as well,please mail us at molendag2010@gmail.com so we can add your Mill and callsign on this page.

Also it will be possible to put your log online,if you want this.

Info source www.wota2010.tk

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