We talked long about it.
But ultimately yesterday was the day that Ab PA5ABW paid a visit in the shack of PE2MC.
The purpose see the hamshack and equipment. And after that making some cw qso’s.

If first we went looking for A35YZ. Which turned out to hear on SSB 17mtr and CW 20mtr later on.

It is both Ab and me succeeded to work A35YZ on 17mtr SSB. For 20mtr something went wrong in the log. We were both convinced that Ab has made the Qso. Only the Log the day later is showing the QSO 17mtr SSB only.

Here a small movie that Ab a qso makes later in the day. Expanded word necessary CW magazine told over and over again.

PA5ABW making a CW qso

Video not available

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