We know the expedition is on.
Ofcourse time and propagation must be there to get a team. Today must be the lucky day.

Band 20mtr was open and we heard TX3A. It took me arround 30 till 45 min to work the guys.
The split they where using was huge.. 15 till 50 up. So the change that they hear ya is below zero hihi.
Still i was not sure if i worked them but  just checked the log. Lucky me..

TX3A Log Search result for: PE2MC

Callsign 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6

Total of 1 QSO with PE2MC
There are 31401 QSOs in the Database
Last QSOs in the Database: 2013 UTC 24 November 2009
Please note that the last RTTY QSO in the database is 0736 UTC 24 November 2009

The search took 0.001 seconds

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