Recently i bought the FT-9000DX. What i did notice in the first few hours was a lot of spikes out of the 220v main. The problem can be solved. I have a few options to go on.

– Buy a isolation tranformator
– Buy a line filter
– Buy a UPS

I choose the second option. Why the “price” and what what’s the best option no idea???
Ok a line filter. I seached the internet and there is not much about a complete box with a line filter in it. So we have to make our own line filter box.
I make a small box just like a UPS with a Euro input and Output chasis connector.

I made the wires out of 6mm coper. The filter is from the company Epcos B84113-c-b110
Tested today the filter between the tranciever and the main power and i looks like the spykes are really a lot less heavy then before. I still going to test it during the week and see twhat the perfomance is.
I keep you up to date with the information.

16feb 2010.: Some update about the filter. The filter works but will not eliminated the complete spikes. I would say about 70 till 80 % is eliminated. So the project is working and helping me to reduce spikes out of the main power.

Here some pictures from my small filter project.

IMG_2819 IMG_2820 IMG_2821

IMG_2822 IMG_2824