Lightning Box why make it?
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Here you can see the lightning box i made to disconnect al my radio’s from the shack. Everyday i’m going  to do this. I got the feeling that the connection on the back of the radio will be broken some day, so i made a lightning box to disconnect all things from the shack. What i’ve used is a ymvk 3x 2,5mm (Little Overkill) for the tower motor and 4 time chassis Pl 259. I’ve put some holes in the plastic box and connected all things to each other. The second and the third photo: the box is almost done, just a few solders and connections are finished. On all three photo’s you’ll see how i’ve made all things. After an hour or 2 the box was ready for operation and I can tell ya it’s doing the job..!


Dec 2007: A change i’ve made on the lightning box. You can see the pictures. My relay’s where burned out because of water damage. The construction was not so good outside so i had to make another plan. I had to make it inside and removed the relay’s from the outside near to the 12v motor. Also I’ve change my cable’s from RG213 to Aircom+ (I can tell ya you will notice the difference) from the shack to the antenna it is totally changed.


May 2008: Ive upgraded again the Lightning box. This is because of the new antenna. The new antenna needs a remote cable That’s whay i have to upgrade the box again. I also want to disconnect the remote cable otherwise the lightning still can go true this cable. They antenna i use is a 3 elm steppir beam with the 6mtr passive element and trombone for 30 and 40mtr.
Even my wife knows how to disconnect the wires. (Hihi).  Hope I’ve helped ya a bit with the idea to make a box of your own.. And if you do.. Just let me know via marco (at) It’s always a pleasure to help each other.