How to make a SteppIr Portable. Why should you say. Well to use it on the Jota/Joti place in lopik. Or on Ameland or else when i’m on holliday.
Recently i bought a second hand 30/40m dipole. I upgrade my own 3 elm SteppIr with the 30/40m dipole so the old 20-6mtr dipole is spare. A good friend of mine would like to sell his driven element alwell because of the upgrade. I aks him the price and also bought this element. Ok now i have 2 driven element one with a balun 2.25.1 and one without a balun. Perfect for portable use. I had to do a few thing to let this all work. And final make a two elment steppir portable.

– Upgrade the remote for a 2 elm steppir (firmware) buy a new chip
– Make a mouting plate for the second dipole
– Buy a new boom so we have the 1.44m distance.
– Make a good solid remote kabel with disconnect option ( see the result below)

IMG_2253 IMG_2254 IMG_2257

Why should you say. When i’m on Ameland i going to take my one elm dipole SteppIr with me. Ofcourse without the balun. You don’t need the balun. This you only have to use when you connect a second or thirth element to you antenna. Perfect to use a one element dipole. When i’m on the Jota/Joti i’m going to take my 2 elm with me.. Connect the coax to the driven with the balun and we have a 2 elm SteppIr beam. When i use a 2 elm steppir i have to connect the coax to the motor with the balun. This will be my driven elment.

Now the second part.. The cable. I like to disconnect it very fast. On my work we use XLR Utp connector with a frame chasis and plug. Solid and perfect to hold for a few days without getting wet. The motors are getting a XLR Utp connector and we place a box in the middle of the boom to connect both motors true the XLR chasis. The motors can’t be mixed up. 1-4 is motor one and 5-8 is motor two on the UTP connector. When i mix the XLR conectors the motors won’t work at all. So we never make the mistake or have a short in the motors.

IMG_2256 IMG_2275 IMG_2276

On the last picture you see 2 times a connection box the motors and the remote control. All disconnected in seconds.

**Always disconnect first the power from the remote control.. it could damage the drivers**

The first time we are going to use it is on Lopik by the Jota/Joti. Hope it will stay ok and let us enjoy the SteppIr true my own made connection box.

Team will be Thom PA9T, Gijs PD2GO, Marco PE2MC