I recently bought a second hand 30/40mtr dipole. What i’m going to do is upgrade my 3 elm steppir beam with the 30/40mtr dipole option. Before i’m going to install the antenna i saw the shaft of the dipole. This shaft is the old one and i have to fix that before i’m going to get any trouble. I orderd a few spare shafts by Vine included with the supported truss for the dipole element. I fixed the shaft and lucky i did the picture is showing why!. See number 5!!

I made a view pictures how to remove the shaft and install the new one. I took me a couple hours to finish the job.
You have to know that when you assemble the reel again you must make a 8 time counter clockwise turn. This is for tension on the spring.

IMG_1646 IMG_1647 IMG_1649 IMG_1650

Shaft broken IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1655


To replace the shaft is a job to do very carefully. Take your time to test is and to see if all parts are in place. The small PDF file from EA1AHY, EA1YO, EA1CCW is showing how to change it with a bit more foto’s and details.

Finall result.

25 may 2009 I have upgraded the steppir beam with the 30/40m add on. Before i could install the trombone element i had to fix a few thing more.
I’ve done the shaft now i have to siwtch the balun from the 20-6 EHU to the 40-6 EHU.
IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1705

Ok change the balun from the 20-6 steppir motor to the 40-6 steppir motor what a job.. Took me a few hours to do this.

IMG_1710 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1714
When the fix was done on the 40-6 steppir motor i’m going to install the trombone elements. The trombone elements hmm will i do this in my own.. No way i needed help to put the elements in the motor and the extension. After the first element i made the second ready to go up in the sky. After almost one day and a lot of swede i made it.. the steppir upgrade is done. And final thank god is also working hihi..

The compaire with a Steppir 30/40mtr dipool and de PKW 1 elm dipool for 40mtr.

I made 2 tests with 2 stations on differend locations. The two antenna’s are 90 degrees ofset so to do this i had to turn the beam everytime 90 degrees to get a real equal signal report.
England G6ZBV (mobile) s9+20 SteppIR s9+10 PKW 10db more!!
Denmark OZ3DX s9+10 SteppIR s9 PKW 10Db more!!
I really know that the SteppIR dipole can do 10db more then a PKW but we are stronger . So i should say about 3-5db more gain out the SteppIR dipole then the PKW.
Even tho the PKW is not a bad design it’s really a good antenne to work with. The most Dxcc i get with this antenne in the tower. Tnx to PKW antenna 🙂 ( good price and it works)!