To make a software update for the Yaesu FT-DX9000D, its needed to buy original CT-119 cable.
I found out to do this without a CT119 cable. What you need is a  RS232 cable and a 8 pin min Din connector. To short pin 4 of the PGM plug has the same effect. With some help from the internet I made a 8pin Din connector connected with a switch option.

Search for a small switch. Solder Pin 4 and GND with the switch make a litte spot to the rear part of the plug, so the switch can be put trough easy.


8pin mini Din connector Part 2 solder the switch Closer look

Just see if it's ok Done your upgrade plug 2min work


If you like a sample you can send a email. I will make a copy for only 5 euro. ex postage cost.

Marco Pe2mc