The DVS-2 is a CQ unit for the Yaesu Trancievers.
To record a memory you can decide to use 2 times 8 seconds or 4 times  4 seconds.

To record a message use always normal speech without any speed processing.
Otherwise the audio will be over modulated and not equal with you normal voice.

In the DVS-2 you have a Backup battery
This one will hold the memory of the DVS-2 recorded voices.

The way they made is not very handy. It’s a CR2032 solderd on the print board.
So if it is exhausted you need to replace it.
On the Website of PA1HR Hans i found a very need a good idea to fix this problem.

Take a Battery holder and solder this on the place of the CR2032.
Now if the battery is exhausted you can change it very easy.

See for yourself..