There are a few people that are having problem with the noise of the Alpha9500 blower.
If you have guarantee just mail Alpha ( RFconcepts) and you will get a new blower.
But if the warranty is over mabe this tutorial will help ya solve the problem.


The first step 1:
Put your Linear on its side of so you can reach the bottom of the amplifier. You will see 2 plates with a lot of screws. Remove them all and take the blower out of the Amplifier.The blower is connected with a simple plug and play connector.

The second Step 2: ( Picture numbers are in front of each explanation)
– 1: we are ready to dissemble the blower parts.
– 2: remove the ring
– 3+4 : Then remove the two screws of the Blower. Turn the blower counter clockwise to loosen the screws.
– 5+6 : Now the blower housing can be removed. Use a big screwdriver to remove the house from the tape.
– 7+8: Then remove the two big screws from the motor.
– 10: Then remove the small round plate from the axle of the motor.

– 11: Now the tricky parts comes. Push with two fingers the locking pin to remove it.
– 12: Then remove the 2 rings that are below the locking pin on the axle of the motor.
– 13+14: Now you can remove the coil of the motor and start to lubricate the axle of the motor with Teflon oil.

– Before you reassemble all the parts just turn the coil on the axle as many times as you like, to see if the coil will turn easily on the axle.
– Reassemble all parts in reverse order. Before closing the small round plate, lubricate it with a little Teflon inside. Each time the blower turns, it will lubricate itself.


73″ all hope this will help ya out with the noise of the Alpha 9500 blower.