Icom has a new tranciever on the market. The IC7600../ It’s looks like a 756 but with the inside of a 7700. I really like to see how it’s going to preform. Will it be as good as the 7700 of 7800 line.

IC7600 7600 rear

The above photo illustrates the IC-7600 as presented at Tokyo HamFair 2008. The IC-7600 is a 100W-class HF/6m HF transceiver, utilizing Icom’s well-known and proven IF-DSP architecture and feature set. Note the large TFT display screen. More information will be provided as this radio becomes available.

In the photo below, it will be noted that the elimination of the moving-coil meter has freed up sufficient front-panel space to accommodate the IC-7600’s larger TFT display
IC-7600 and IC-756Pro3 front panels compared. Photo: L. Gentili, IØGEJ.


7600 in compaire with the 756


Salient Points:

  • 13.8V, 100W-class HF/6m transceiver
  • 4-pin DC power connector on rear panel
  • 3 roofing filters (Performance in DW reduced due to roofing filter width)
  • Dual Watch
  • +30 dBm IP3
  • Single USB port on front (USB thumb drive/keyboard, TBD)
  • Single USB port on rear (Rig Control)
  • RTTY/PSK31 Encode/decode
  • APF/TBF (Twin Bandpass Filter for Digital)
  • Separate RX-OUT and RX-IN antenna ports
    • allowing connection of external preselectors, multicouplers etc.
  • Transverter port
  • Audio controls similar to IC-7700
    • TBW
    • TX/RX audio control 
  • Spectrum Scope features identical to IC-7700
  • AM/CW auto tune
  • Items not fitted:
    • Digi-Sel

We have to wait and see when this transiever will be on the market.

!!UPDATE!! 14-3-2009 : (NOW at  Difona  .de ) They showed the IC7600 on the Radiomarket in Rosmalen. Prijs 3895,-
!!So the delivery from ICOM is on it’s way.!!


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