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Publicado en: 28marzo 2013

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Raspberry Pi as Remote Server for RTL2832u SDR As the raspberry pi can be used by serval projects. Yo ya habia tienen un PI se ejecuta con un hotspot dstar. Ahora me resulta divertido para probar un dispositivo de seguridad RTL2832 conectada con mi segundo pi frambuesa. Para ver cómo funciona esto. With the small antenna the recieving […]

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Publicado en: 12de enero 2011

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These day we are getting more and more radiation signals in the air. Is it not a cell phone or Wi-Fi, GPS then it will be a microwave oven? Well i just went surfing on the internet to see what some signals will do. A radio amateur can broadcast signals true the air this is […]

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Publicado en: 16septiembre 2010

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I was just ready to get dinner with the family. That all of a sudden the sun came true. But it was also raining. You know what will happen. A rainbow in the sky. But this one i did never see. A double rainbow. 🙂 kewl.

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Tonight i see a spot on the cluster about a special call PG50MHZ. Propagation is only in the summer so lets check this out. I was very supriced about the signal i did recieve on my end 9+60db whoaa.. Nobody is that loud here on the S-meter only when you are up front at my door. I checked the internet and got to […]

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