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Raspberry Pi as Remote Server for RTL2832u SDR As the raspberry pi can be used by serval projects. I allready have a Pi running with a Dstar Hotspot. Now i find it fun to test a RTL2832 dongle connected with my second Raspberry pi. To see how this works. With the small antenna the recieving […]

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These day we are getting more and more radiation signals in the air. Is it not a cell phone or Wi-Fi, GPS then it will be a microwave oven? Well i just went surfing on the internet to see what some signals will do. A radio amateur can broadcast signals true the air this is […]

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I was just ready to get dinner with the family. That all of a sudden the sun came true. But it was also raining. You know what will happen. A rainbow in the sky. But this one i did never see. A double rainbow. 🙂 kewl.

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Tonight i see a spot on the cluster about a special call PG50MHZ. Propagation is only in the summer so lets check this out. I was very supriced about the signal i did recieve on my end 9+60db whoaa.. Nobody is that loud here on the S-meter only when you are up front at my door. I checked the internet and got to […]

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