Internet becomes more and more effective in streaming audio and media. As the internet connection getting to a higher level it possible to do more in less time.
Also the Hamradio brand is more and more into the combination of analog radio and communication true the internet.

Examples are the D-star network and Echolink. Those two options are more then welcome for the interlink with repeaters.
It’s not that the Internet will take over the complete communication. But it helping out with a lot of new tools.

As from the end of January Streamingmedia started a complete new website. This is related to the Hamradio community.
On that website is the interlink with analog audio streaming to the internet. So a local Repeater is getting closer and closer.

The website provides streaming on a any platform and tablad you are going to use.

Just take a look and get enjoyed with the streams.

Marco PE2MC

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