23-12-2011 10:00 AM

At Christmas you will get presents. I did get a present from my steppir. As always i do turn on the radio. Connect all the wires to the lightning box.
What I saw was a bit high swr on 10mtr when I keyed the radio. I retracted the steppir several times and still the same problem.

The step by step what I did check.

– First check the cable wires. (Ok)
– Measure the motor on the lightning box (Ok) 18ohm
– Measure the motors on the connector of the steppir (Ok) 18ohm
– Feld with my finger it the chips are getting hot when power up and the elements stretch out (Ok)
– Listen to the motors out of the window and discover a strange sound. (Fail)
– On the roof and (retracted the elements) Tap on the elements and heard the copper wire (Fail)

Ok I found the problem or our high swr on the steppir beam.
I did take of the steppir motor and took it inside for a recheck. When I opened the box I say the problem. A broken black shaft (Fail)

The results shows that also a black shaft can break. I did send an email to steppir and they can back with this answer.
Till may +/- 2008 the black shaft where made from another plastic. After that they changed the black shaft again in new material.

The new material still didn’t fail according to their mail. I checked rechecked and I can’t see any different between the new and old black shaft.
I did send Steppir again a email to ask the question about the new shaft. They send me a picture from the factory. Now i know that there is a new shaft.


It took me 2,5 hours to replace the shaft. I had some spare shafts. Vine in UK send me those for free. If I didn’t have those shafts I would have been waiting to get new ones.

Merry Christmas all. (this was my present for this year)


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