28 july 2011

I just came back from my holliday of Kos island. I knew that South Suddan would be on the air just 2 days before i went back home.
I thought i will work it . But i can say it hard to work those guys. The south part of EU is stronger then we are here up north.
The longest time i had to try was today on 17mtr SSB. He was working by number then NA then SA i had to wait wait and still wait.
Finally he was calling EU again and then propagation went down. What a bummer.
After 2,5 hours i had a qso and im in the log on 17mtr SSB. Finally!!!
I have to wait if i will be in the log. This log is before my qso on 17mtr SSB.

29 July 2011

I worked a few slots more. But again the pile is hugh. 20mtr rtty finally and 17mtr ssb in cfm in the log. Then i saw a spot from PE5T that he was listening to St0R on 6mtr.
I thought well lets try out if i can hear him aswell. I could hear him with an s5 with some qsb. On the cluster the spotted beacon. So the beacon was on to see if there is any propagation at all on 6. On the website of St0R is een phone number. You can SMS the report and locator if you hear St0R on 6mtr. I did and after 2 minutes they turned of the beacon and where opperation the station in SSB. After a few minutes i could work them. Very nice to have a qso on that band. Later on they where in CW but the propatation was going down again. I could not get in contact so had to let that go.
In the evening SSB on 40mtr. What a pile up they had. I took me 4 hours to get the qso. And lucky i looked this morning i am in the log.

But is my new DXCC 305 on HF.

121.286 QSO in STØR Database.
27.994 Unique Callsigns. 176 DXCC. 40 CQ Zones.
First QSO at 22/07/2011 @ 15:36  |  Last QSO at 10/08/2011 @ 07:01
CW: 6 SSB: 7 RTTY: 7    TOTAL: 20
923165 searches.
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