ROS Frequencies (Mhz) USB  version 2.1.4 (stay tuned to the changes at this site, please)

My first Qso you will see here below. Tnx IK0VCK. Second Qso with G8JNJ


Wouwww today 28 februari 2010 i made a contact with ZL1RS 50watt and perfect reception -7db. the third picture is shown the contact

I3VWK has received your Radio Message sent at: 10:19 UTC

Received Message: ‘ wx1RS ZL1RS ZL1RS de PE2MC PE2MC PE2MC My email is: <> <> <>’

Operator Info:
Callsign: I3VWK
Name: rudy
QTH: rosa’
Locator: jn55vr
Station: ft847 minibeam/vertical 50w
ROS Version: 1.6.5 Beta

Signal Info:
Symbol Rate: 16 bauds
Frame Acquisition: 12/20
Final Acquisition: 16/16
Frequency Shift: 15,6 Hz
Symbol Errors detected by Viterbi: 13/50
Metric: -12 dB
Vumeter Level: -12 dB
CPU Usage: 23 %

Also recieved a signal report via de mail what a nice program to use.

Frequenties they are going to use.

Frequentie 1 Baud 16 Baud  USA only
1.840  yes yes  
3.6009 yes yes  
3.6038 yes yes  
3.6065  yes yes  
3.6122  yes yes  
3.6149 yes yes  
3.6176  yes yes  
7.040 (USA) yes yes  USA
7.050 yes yes  
7.0545  yes yes  
7.0572   yes yes  
10.141 yes yes  USA
10.144 yes yes  USA
10.147 yes yes  USA
14.102 no yes  
14.106 no yes  
14.109 yes no  
21.2121 yes yes  
28.300 yes yes  
50.300 yes yes  
144.160 yes no  EME


 ROS Sounds  

The Man Of the Vara at 16 bauds 
The Man Of the Vara at 1 baud 
The Man Of the Vara at 1 baud + AWGN (-35 dBs S/N)  

More information is on this website. ROSmodem

To download the lastest version ROS v2.1.4
Very slow and easy mode. Maybe i will get used to it.. hihi to be continued!!

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David Grey says:

I have just down loaded the latest version of your software and very keen to try it.Please could you keep me up to date on the devolpment of this mode via email.My contact details are also on

73’s David Grey