These day we are getting more and more radiation signals in the air.
Is it not a cell phone or Wi-Fi, GPS then it will be a microwave oven?

Well i just went surfing on the internet to see what some signals will do.

A radio amateur can broadcast signals true the air this is temporary.
Normal radiation from the amateur will be around the 5v/m. I deepens complete on the situation and how high is the antenna.
So i like to compare an amateur radio station with a cell phone.

A rotary dipole will send signals horizontal but most likely also vertical.
A beam instead will try to point it to one direction. So the lob will be much feather to reach the ground.

Let try to explain what a cell phone does.
It can broadcast 2w continuous when you are calling.
On the internet i search for a program to see how much the Volt/Meter will be on your head.

I came up with a report.

Veldsterkte limieten voor wisselend elektromagnetisch veld 400 – 2000 MHz
Wie E-veld
Verm. dichtheid
Beroeps 3√f 0.008√f 0.01√f f/40
Publiek 1.375√f 0.0037√f 0.0046√f f/200
Piekwaarden 400 – 2000 MHz
Beroeps 96√f 0.256√f 0.32√f 25*f
Publiek 44√f 0.1184√f 0.1472√f 5*f

A small result of 41,25v/m on your head when the phone is used 🙂 whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I looks like 900MHZ got a SAR  of 0,08W/KG this is the same as 51v/m , otherwise on a 1800MHz netwerk the results are complete different.
The the volt/meter will be 81v/m . Damm that is way to much.

Also the frequencies they are using are almost microwave signals. 900 MHz GSM and 1800 MHz the new standard for Cell phones.
I never thought this would be that high on my head when im using my cell phone.

Is this good? What will it do with me? Can this resolve in cancer?
It very quiet and nobody seem to care about this point.
All what people do is complaining about a GSM broadcast tower. But i think we have to realize your GSM is more of a problem that we ever think.

Conclusion: A amateur is not that bad. Say bye bye to your cell phone 🙂

On this Link you can see for yourself what signals can do. TEST IT!!!

Another test result can be download here only in Dutch language 

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