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Posted on: 9th September 2011

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There is a lot of information on they internet about Interference.

Many amature got the same problem from Electronic gear.

Such as, Plasma tv’s, Power supply’s. Halogeen name it and it’s there.

There are a few things on the market to see if we can eliminate those interference problems.

We all know MFJ 1025 or the MFJ1026 Noise canceling products. There is also a POP Noise canceler from PA0POP, And timewave got a ANC4

All products work almost the same way.  you got a TX and RX and active Noise antenna input.


To have the best option you need an active antenna outside. The internal whip is not covering all the signal that are not wanted. So we had to build an active antenna.

On the club we made a small group of people who are interested in building the active antenna. In that way the cost will stay low and we can learn from each other.

Here is my design what i build. I still need to test is outside to see what is does.


I also wrote a articile about he MFJ1026 and uploaded a small video on Youtube.   click here  >>   MFJ1026 test results



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Posted on: 7th August 2011

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I just arrived back from the holliday. It’s now a week that i’m back home and chasing dx again.
During the week i’ve worked St0R 18 times. Also ZD8D and Ty1KS are in the log.
During the transmission everything was ok. The installation looks normal. After i’ve worked a a few dx i did listen and updated my log.
But what happend all of a sudden. Then the power went down. All dark in just a few seconds.
I did go to the power fuse and enabled the power again. Everything looks normal. I did check the power cords and all seems to be ok.
i did siwtch on the Amplifier again and also this was working fine again. Output ok. No idea what the problem was.
Well until last night. The power went down again for the second time.
I switched on the power fuse again and tested the installation. Now i had a hugh failure. The Grid of my Alpha9500 was high and siwtched of in protect mode.

That is not a good sign. I’ve called a friend and told him the story. Oh he said bad luck you have a Grid flashover.
I’ve ask him what do ya mean. It means your tube is gone.

Normal a tube would live for over 20.000 hours. Mine just broke down in 2 years time. Is it normal or just bad luck.

I’ve searched on the internet. And found prices of the tube. 1300 dollar for a new 3xc1500 at Rfconcepts.
Lucky i did get good infomation to get the tube for a much better price. Lets hope the Amplifier will be online again very soon.

16 august 2011. A small update

Today we recieved the Tubes. Very nice new tubes bu DK3EE. They are not the 3cx1500 but the 3cpx1500 tube . Much better in quality. Ok this morning i had time to change the tube in the Almpifier. After that i tested the Amp on the 1kw dummy load.  Again without a good result. High grid and direct in the protect mode. I was allready in contact with Rfconcepts. They told me a complete differend story. They where sure i had a arc in the grid circuit. I could not believe this because the 220v in the netherlands is very stable. In fact they where correct that its not the tube. So we both have to look futher to see what the problem is. Tobecontinued.

20 september 2011. Update 2

I did recieve on the 20th  the controlboard back from Alpha. They repaired a few components on the control board. At first i wanted to test the Amplifier with the orginal tube. At first everything looked ok. But after 4 hours my power breaker went down. All in the dark. Hmmm . After a few time i opent the power breaker. The contacts where complete black. So i replaced it 2 times. First i did try a B16 and later on a B25. 25 amp could go true.  Both the power breakers could not hold the line.  It was kinda late and needed to get some sleep. Lets wait till tommorow if i can come up with a plane.


21 september 2011 (Next)

And i did. At first i changed the tube of the Amplifier. I replaced the 3CX1500 Eimac for a 3CPX1500 Eimac. I really had the idea it was a flashover after all. I took a power cord and  did switch the Amplifier on to a complete seperate power breaker. It’s now 5 hours later and still the Amplifier is online and the power breaker stays online.

My conclusion. The Amplifier did get a Flashover in the tube.  My power breakers could not hold the line and switched off after a few hours.  The falshover caused a power surge on the controlboard that needed to be repaired.

To obtain maximum life from an 8877:

Do not cycle the heater excessively
Do not run more than 50 mA peak grid current
Do not exceed 150 mA grid current even for very brief periods
Do not apply HV or draw cathode current unless the heater has been within the factory specified range for 3 full minutes. If you start the heater very slow you need a
longerwarm-up time.
Never run the tube when heater voltage is too low. Doing so will poison the cathode

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Posted on: 28th July 2011

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28 july 2011

I just came back from my holliday of Kos island. I knew that South Suddan would be on the air just 2 days before i went back home.
I thought i will work it . But i can say it hard to work those guys. The south part of EU is stronger then we are here up north.
The longest time i had to try was today on 17mtr SSB. He was working by number then NA then SA i had to wait wait and still wait.
Finally he was calling EU again and then propagation went down. What a bummer.
After 2,5 hours i had a qso and im in the log on 17mtr SSB. Finally!!!
I have to wait if i will be in the log. This log is before my qso on 17mtr SSB.

29 July 2011

I worked a few slots more. But again the pile is hugh. 20mtr rtty finally and 17mtr ssb in cfm in the log. Then i saw a spot from PE5T that he was listening to St0R on 6mtr.
I thought well lets try out if i can hear him aswell. I could hear him with an s5 with some qsb. On the cluster the spotted beacon. So the beacon was on to see if there is any propagation at all on 6. On the website of St0R is een phone number. You can SMS the report and locator if you hear St0R on 6mtr. I did and after 2 minutes they turned of the beacon and where opperation the station in SSB. After a few minutes i could work them. Very nice to have a qso on that band. Later on they where in CW but the propatation was going down again. I could not get in contact so had to let that go.
In the evening SSB on 40mtr. What a pile up they had. I took me 4 hours to get the qso. And lucky i looked this morning i am in the log.

But is my new DXCC 305 on HF.

121.286 QSO in STØR Database.
27.994 Unique Callsigns. 176 DXCC. 40 CQ Zones.
First QSO at 22/07/2011 @ 15:36  |  Last QSO at 10/08/2011 @ 07:01
CW: 6 SSB: 7 RTTY: 7    TOTAL: 20
923165 searches.
Search applet by EA2RY (c) 2011. Created for the Expeditions

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I’t been a year later. Again the family and i are going to EU038. I will tryed to be qrv as many times as possible.
Bands i used 40 / 20-6mtr SSB and RTTY.

All will be +/- 10 KHZ if it is busy.

Bandplan 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6
SSB x x 7.070 ( 165 US) 0 14.150 18.140 21.275 24.940 28.450 50.140
Rtty x x 7.035 0 14.082 18.102 21.082 24.922 28.082 50.600

40m 7.070 7.035
7.165 (USA)

This was the plan. We arrived with the family at 12.30 in the afternoon. We did miss a boat because we where only 5 minutes to late.
So we waited for another hour to take the next.
As we arrived my father in law told me that the flagpole was gone. He always makes jokes so i did not believe him at the first place. The i saw it for myself and this time he was right.

Hmmm another bump to take. I saw a ladder and took this from the store. Arround the place there where a lot of trees. So climbing on the ladder and see if i can put the antenne in the tree. On the first day i put the antenne in a tree arround 4 a 5mtr high. I was not stisfied enough  so the next day i saw a much better spot.  I disabled the antenna again and put i higher in the next tree.


Ok that is fixed letts go inside to setup the gear. i unpacked the stuff and put this on the cabinet. I discover a major problem. I forgot the power cord of my TS2000. Whoaaaaaaaaa. Think Think what can i do to fix this. In the house i found some electric wires. As i opent the TS200o i was wondering if i could solder the wires to the power connector. And yes it was easy to fix also this problem. Lucky i did bring my soldering iron with me.


On the second day of the operation a major problem did happen. My laptop with virtual windows did crash. I had to rebuild it again and fix some software programs. On een wireless open network i good download some software tools. You had to see me with my bike and laptop.  Because of this i did loose my complete log from the first 2 days. What a bummer it was. So if anyone got some details please upload them to Eqsl of send me the details via de email. I would more then happy to Qsl.


73 marco pe2mc/p ameland isl Eu038



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DX trip 2011 Faeroer Islands(Skælingur)

the next trip is to a small island the Faroer with the prefix OY. The Faroer is between the Shetlands and Iceland. Hans PA0VHA, Steef PA2A and Wim PA2AM are qrv from 22-05-2011 till 03-06-2011. all HF bands in CW and RTTY, also qrv on 6m and 4m and Wim PA2AM is also qrv via satelliet AO-51. QSL via home call.

we have a very beautiful house on the Island Streymoy in the place Skaelingur with 11 citizens and many sheeps hi  with many space for antennas,

the equipment:

2 x Elecraft K-3 and K-2

1 x Kenwood TS-850 and TS-590

1 x Icom IC-9100

3 x Acom 1000

1 transverter ME4-t for 4m


They are on air. So check the cluster.

Some direct links



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Today it was time again to look at the steppir Elements.
Every year I’m checking the fiberglass elements and see how bad the protection is.

It was time for me to check a few things.

– Checking the PVC add-on for the Trombone elements.
– Why is the trombone element moving on the end?
– Painting the Fiberglass.

-Checking the PVC add-on. First i took the Elements out of the EHU. I was really suppressed to see what i discovered.
The Add-on PVC where complete out the EHU. So we had to fix that with some glue.

– Why is the trombone moving? It was moving because the elements where a bit retraced. So that was the reason why the end of the Trombone was moving all the time. I fix that again and taped the Fiberglas elements.

– Painting the Fiberglass. Well i did buy 2 times a spray. But this seems to me helping hand for just one season. On the internet and forum there is a lot info and news what to use. I did paint my elements with varnish. After i finished the job i check the SWR. It’s still the same as before. So if did not make any effect on the impedance of the firberglass elements.

Well the job is done and we can go for another few years.

I will keep ya updated with information

Marco PE2MC

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