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Posted on: 9th February 2012

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The way of qsl cards is changing. Normal I will send the qsl card direct with a SAE and some dollars for the return of postage.
Now days the system Qqrs is getting he way into Hamradio.
They only thing you need to do are Request your card and pay the amount of fee to cover the postage.

The payment can be done via pay pal or bank transfer. Pay pal is a very secure system.

There are websites that provide the Qqrs on the hand of the database uploaded file. is a very good example of this.
In this way a lot of traffic to the qsl managers are much lower then it supposed to be.

A dxpedition doesn’t need your qsl. The only thing they need is the information and a small amount of donation to cover the postage.

The Dxpeditons that supported this Qqrs system for the last few weeks

– C21HA
– VP6T
– TN2T

I hope many more Dxpeditions will follow this kind of way. Much faster easier and saver to get your qsl card.


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Posted on: 4th February 2012

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Finally as of today I’ve got a full house on HK0NA.
It took me a while to work all slots from 10 till 40mtr.
The longest time to get HK0NA was 15mtr rtty. This took me over 2 hours to work them.
But I’m more then happy with the results as of today.

Still the Dxpedition is online. Try to work them. The big guns are not hunting anymore 🙂

Great Dxpediton even when things go wrong. We are all human and can make a mistake.



PE2MC has worked HK0NA on 20 out of 29 band slots

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Posted on: 27th January 2012

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X-flare on its way . SW spectrum radio blackout over the Americas.Note that the polar regions are still recovering from the proton storm.

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Posted on: 21st January 2012

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It’s real everyday. On the HF bands there are many operators who like to comment to each other. Many F words are used.
What is it these days with hamradio. Is there still any respect to each other. Or is it because of the modern world where  in all day. Aren’t we happy anymore?
The  DX-peditions are using most of the time split operation. How come everybody still call simplex?.  I really can’t imagion that a hamradio operator doesn’t have a computer.
Some of the radio operators refused to use a computer. But still don’t they have ears. Or is this hobby become one of a kind. Did that, Done that, Never do it again.

What is the fun to jam the Dx-pedition. What is the point of doeing this. Helping the Dx-pedition people?. Or is it because people are frustrated that they can’t work the Dx-pedition.
I really have no idea. Please if you do tell me. Maybe i will understand.

On internet there are many dx cluster. To find information about a Dx-pedition it very easy to find. Most of them have website online with details and frequenties where they operate.
All are into the Code of Conduct. Is it then still the operator at the Dx-pedition that can’t handle the pile up. Or is us that are making qrm all the time.

Let consider to take a look at yourself and find out why did i become a Hamradio operator? What is the purpose to be a Ham operator. To have fun?. Or to complain all the time at each other.

Please people. Lets have fun and enjoy the hobby for as many years as we can do. And respect people all time.

The Code of Conduct. >>link<<

I will listen, and listen, and then listen again before calling.
I will only call if I can copy the DX station properly.
I will not trust the DX cluster and will be sure of the DX station’s call sign before calling.
I will not interfere with the DX station nor anyone calling and will never tune up on the DX frequency or in the QSX slot.
I will wait for the DX station to end a contact before I call.
I will always send my full call sign.
I will call and then listen for a reasonable interval. I will not call continuously.
I will not transmit when the DX operator calls another call sign, not mine.
I will not transmit when the DX operator queries a call sign not like mine.
I will not transmit when the DX station requests geographic areas other than mine.
When the DX operator calls me, I will not repeat my call sign unless I think he has copied it incorrectly.
I will be thankful if and when I do make a contact.
I will respect my fellow hams and conduct myself so as to earn their respect.

73″ And thanks for reading this post.

Marco PE2MC

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Posted on: 26th December 2011

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23-12-2011 10:00 AM

At Christmas you will get presents. I did get a present from my steppir. As always i do turn on the radio. Connect all the wires to the lightning box.
What I saw was a bit high swr on 10mtr when I keyed the radio. I retracted the steppir several times and still the same problem.

The step by step what I did check.

– First check the cable wires. (Ok)
– Measure the motor on the lightning box (Ok) 18ohm
– Measure the motors on the connector of the steppir (Ok) 18ohm
– Feld with my finger it the chips are getting hot when power up and the elements stretch out (Ok)
– Listen to the motors out of the window and discover a strange sound. (Fail)
– On the roof and (retracted the elements) Tap on the elements and heard the copper wire (Fail)

Ok I found the problem or our high swr on the steppir beam.
I did take of the steppir motor and took it inside for a recheck. When I opened the box I say the problem. A broken black shaft (Fail)

The results shows that also a black shaft can break. I did send an email to steppir and they can back with this answer.
Till may +/- 2008 the black shaft where made from another plastic. After that they changed the black shaft again in new material.

The new material still didn’t fail according to their mail. I checked rechecked and I can’t see any different between the new and old black shaft.
I did send Steppir again a email to ask the question about the new shaft. They send me a picture from the factory. Now i know that there is a new shaft.


It took me 2,5 hours to replace the shaft. I had some spare shafts. Vine in UK send me those for free. If I didn’t have those shafts I would have been waiting to get new ones.

Merry Christmas all. (this was my present for this year)


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Posted on: 14th October 2011

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First JOTA in Oudewater
jota11-partiallogoJOTA?! For our club an unspecified term. JOTA stands for Jamboree on the Air. After many years of Scouting it passed every year Oudewater, it will be action this weekend (15-16 October) wich is first held at our club!  


What is Jota?
The JOTA is an international Scouting activity, which for many years held the third weekend of October. For the JOTA are many Scout Associations around the world together pioneered large towers of up to 25 meters high! Together with the local amateur radio antennas and masts fitted with transmitters. This allows the children, accompanied by the radio amateurs, radio links with Scout groups around the world!

How come?
Because of a renovation in Lopik the scouting group Cliffort Reichert could not proceed with the JOTA or JOTI. Thefore in  the very last minute the Jorisgroep in Oudewater could take over the JOTA Papers. They where very suprised with this oppertunity.

For who?
The JOTA is organized for all branches on Saturday running game, and for anyone who is curious about what exactly is going on! Young and old, everyone is welcome! Come watch, valued! The equipment will be installed early in the morning and we go through to Sunday, early afternoon.

So, starting next Saturday morning, Saturday game for all branches and for anyone who wants to come and see or transmit true the air 🙂

Here the Qsl card that will be send out. Tnx for the nice qso’s on all band. Team PE2LZ,PA9T,PE2MC   for the Joris scoutinggroup te Oudewater. 2011.


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