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Posted on: 23rd November 2012


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There is a lot to do about the audio level from a Dvap , DVPTR, Repeater etc etc.

In this item i’m going to tell you how to setup the audio level height ( Digital shift keying signal) .

I did discover this when a friend off mine used his ID-31e Icom porto.
The strange behavior of the ID-31 in D-star mode tells you that the audio level on D-star node is not set ok.  The ID-31e will hob arround from FM-DV. There will be no decoding of any d-star signal.

Well here how to setup your Dvnode adapter without any knowledge and gear.

– First take a analog radio and set this in FM on the correct freq.
– The push the PTT of the ID-31 or anything else in Dstar mode. ( You will hear the audio level height ( Digital shift keying)  from the radio or Handheld)
– The repeater, hotspot or dvapnode will replay on your signal. The audio level must be complete the same as from the Handheld.
– If not just configure the audio level height ( Digital shift keying) on your repeater, hotspot or dvapnode etc as long as needed to get the correct audio level.
– To recieve the audio level on your repeater, hotspot or dvapnode  from a Handheld or base radio is just using NATools to see if everything is working. ( There is enough information on Internet how to use this)

Now your repeater, hotspot or dvapnode is set to go.

Hope this item helpt you set the correct levels on your D-star module. It needed because many repeater, hotspot or dvapnode are not set correct in the netherlands.

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Posted on: 15th November 2012


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Already PJ4X is active on the band. The pile ups are hugh and we hope to work as many as possible.
If we not worked ya yet next week PJ4D will be active on the band.  See ya on the band

For the logsearch check the site of


Team Marco Pe2mc, Bert Pe2ky, Peter Pj4nx    ala  (  PJ4X )

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Posted on: 30th October 2012


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Building the antenne gear takes a lot of time. Finally after a day of work we good participate in the contest.
A lot of us had fun that weekend.


Final result after almost 40 hours of contesting.




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Posted on: 8th October 2012

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This year i’m also qrv with the Jota / Joti event.

The call is still the same PE2MC/J

last year i did the Jota / Joti event in Woerden. Together with PE2LZ en PA9T we had a lot of fun.

Now i’m back again in Lopik with Scouting group Clifford Reichert.

They build a complete new Scouting home.  Look at for more details.

Jota/Joti is a world wide event all over the world.


Hope to meet ya all on the band.

Team PE2MC and PA5ABW



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Posted on: 23rd September 2012

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It’s been a while that we been on the island  Bonaire.
I’ve been there 4 times over the last few years.

This year i had no holliday because of private issues and work was very busy.
A friend of mine is going to Bonaire and ask me to come along.

I never doubt a moment and said yes. Beautiful wheather and nice island and some dx on the island.

Bonaire 2012 here we come 🙂
What’s for the bands. Maybe we will be qrv from radio netherlands on the big Antenna’s 21 DB of gain.

See ya on the band PJ4/PE2MC  will be PJ4X sk sk

Team: PE2KY , PE2MC and PJ4NX


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Posted on: 16th September 2012

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Linking a reflector is easy. But when i’m in a car there is a better way to connect a reflector. The answer DTMF.

On my IC92D you can program 10 DTMF codes. When you hit PTT and then one key button with a DTMF code the repeater will instant connect to the requested reflector.I also found out that the old DPLUS-net can be connected with DTMF codes. Thats nice. btw it will only work on software that understands DTMF.

Easier and a lot saver on the road 🙂 Here a few examples..


DCS Reflectors

DCS001A = D1A = D101

1D = D1D = D104

DCS007A = D7A = D701

5B = D502

6Q = D617

Disconnect = #

Status =


X-Net XRF 10B = 10B

X-Net XRF 21B = 21B

Disconnect =





REF 001 C = *1C

REF 005 A = *5A

Disconnect = #




A = 1

B = 2

C = 3

D = 4

E = 5

F = 6

G = 7

H = 8

I = 9

J = 10

K = 11

L = 12

M = 13

N = 14

O = 15

P = 16

Q = 17

R = 18

S = 19

T = 20

U = 21

V = 22

W = 23

X = 24

Y = 25

Z = 26

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