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Posted on: 20th December 2009

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The weather forcast was telling us there will be snow this weekend.
But what they didn’t tell it’s hugh ūüôā

Been outside with my Wife and Kids to Make some snow funn.
Here some pictures about winter wonder land. PA



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Posted on: 5th December 2009

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Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the indipendence of Chile, the Radio Club de Concepcion will operate
as XR9JA from the Chilean Navy Base “Arturo Prat” on Greenwich Island,
South Shetlands (AN-010) on 10-25 January 2010. The operators will be Dago/CE5COX, Carlos/CE6UFF, Luis/XQ5CIE and Didier/F6DXE.
They plan to operate on all bands SSB, CW and PSK31, plus Satellite AO-51. QSL via CE5JA, direct or bureau.

xr9ja  Antartica Antartica2

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Posted on: 27th November 2009

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fk8cpThis morning i turned on the radio. First checked the sunspots and A and K index. The numbers are telling me that it could be a hard day to work DX.

Sunspots = 0
Solar flux = 75
A- index = 6
K- Index = 2

Propagation today on the 27th of november is not very good.
I¬†first checked the cluster what’s happing. A31A spotted nothing. VK9XX 10mtr nothing.hmmmmm finnaly i did see a spot for FK8CP on 40mtr. At first i thought no go. Voaprop is telling me this . It’s software so do not trust it total hihi.
I’f¬†checked 40mtr and heard FK8CP very low. I had to put all my filters in place to pull him out of the noise. Lucky i can play with that kind of DSP setting in the rig.
He was working from 162 till 163 split up. And the highest point i gave a shot. After a few calls he heard me whoaaaaaa. A new Dxcc on 40mtr.. Really great.
So even when the sunpots are low the condition are maybe not what you should expect.

I always say work first worry later hihi

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Posted on: 25th November 2009

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We know the expedition is on.
Ofcourse time and propagation must be there to get a team. Today must be the lucky day.

Band 20mtr was open and we heard TX3A. It took me arround 30 till 45 min to work the guys.
The split they where using was huge.. 15 till 50 up. So the change that they hear ya is below zero hihi.
Still i was not sure if i worked them but  just checked the log. Lucky me..

TX3A Log Search result for: PE2MC

Callsign 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6

Total of 1 QSO with PE2MC
There are 31401 QSOs in the Database
Last QSOs in the Database: 2013 UTC 24 November 2009
Please note that the last RTTY QSO in the database is 0736 UTC 24 November 2009

The search took 0.001 seconds

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Posted on: 20th November 2009

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9J3A is a call issued to Niko, S53A. This is his second acctivity from Zambia. Date:   25. Р30. November 2009 +/- few days, mostly in the CQWW CW DX Contest, but some after and prior to CQWW Contest operation is also possible.

He¬†will operate from the rainforest, under the tent, with generator. There’s no electricity, neither Cell-phone signal. ¬†It could be very dangerous, a lot of poisonous insects, snakes, crocodiles, wild pigs or even lions can visit your tent¬†in the middle of the night. All you can do from your side is to help¬†him by not to call 9J3A on his transmit frequency. He will always be listening UP! Try to listen to the operators rhythm. Short calls, only once per¬†1¬†QSO¬†period will normaly do. There¬†are hundreds callers each time,¬†so some waiting time is normal. Niko is an excellent CW operator, one of the best I met.

  Niko building the Spiderbeam NIKO4 9j3a0101

QSL cards goes to S57S  (not S53A, not S57A)

Aleksander Zagar,  Golisce 132,  SI-1281 SLOVENIA

I will send QSL Cards also via QSL Buro, but on the request only!  I still prefer Direct, because we have some other info-material to put in the letter too.

Self-adhesive (Pull&seal type)¬†envelope (if you can find some) would be much desired. Don’t forget to put your address on.

About the money for¬†Direct mail: ¬†Up to 2$ or 1 IRC¬† (NEW¬†one with expire date¬†31. 12. 2013)¬†for direct mail or 3$ or more for AIR Mail. I will NOT accept old IRC’s. All cards with no green stamp or those with old IRC-s will¬†be send¬†back via the BURO. That’s the new IRC I’m talking about.¬†

The QSL cards was printed in Russia, by UA6HPR QSL print service and we are more than satisfied by his work and quality.


You can look at his web:

I hope you will enjoy this QSL card as much as was I prepering and distibuting it now. Paper cards are still well alive and welcome!

73, Aleksander, S57S


( info

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Posted on: 12th November 2009

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DX trip will start 08 November 2009, till 18 December 2009 – 6 weeks around the world (literally) with amateur radio.

The team includes 6 operators, 4 HF stations. They planed to operate from 6 different DXCC countries, as follows

From To DXCC QTH Callsigns
08 Nov 10 Nov K USA near Los Angeles AI4CA/6 (IK1PMR), K2LEO/6 (PA3LEO), W6/PA0BWL, W6/DJ7JC
11 Nov 18 Nov 5W Western Samoa near Apia (OC-097) 5W0AP (IK1PMR), 5W0CF (PA3LEO), 5W0WL (PA0BWL), 5W0IW (DJ5IW), 5W0JC (DJ7JC)
19 Nov 01 Dec A3 Tonga Tongatapu Island (OC-049) A31A (CQWW CW and group call), A31MR (IK1PMR), A31LEO (PA3LEO), A31WL (PA0BWL), A31SN (OE2SNL), A31IW (DJ5IW), A31JC (DJ7JC)
02 Dec 05 Dec ZL New Zealand Waiheke Island (OC-201) ZL/IK1PMR, ZL/PA3LEO, ZL/PA0BWL, ZL/OE2SNL, ZL/DJ5IW, ZL/DJ7JC
05 Dec 12 Dec E5 South Cook Rarotonga (OC-013) E51PMR, E51LEO, E51BWL, E51SNL, E51XIW, E51NAA
15 Dec 17 Dec 9V Singapore   9V1/IK1PMR, 9V1/PA3LEO, 9V1/PA0BWL, 9V1/DJ7JC


Western Samoa (5W) – OC-097
Samoa (5W) is located in the South Pacific, and it is a stopover for New Zealand flights from Los Angeles to Tonga.


The international airport is located near Apia (shown on the map). Our QTH is on the North coast.

Tonga (A3) OC-049 – A31A assigned special call
Tonga is the only kingdom in the Pacific. The first European to visit Tonga was the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who named the island “Amsterdam”.


Tonga has its own distinctive culture, its capital city (Nuku Alofa) offers reasonble comfort and possibilities, and can be easily reached by air from Los Angeles and Auckland (NZ).

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