Today it was time again to look at the steppir Elements.
Every year I’m checking the fiberglass elements and see how bad the protection is.

It was time for me to check a few things.

– Checking the PVC add-on for the Trombone elements.
– Why is the trombone element moving on the end?
– Painting the Fiberglass.

-Checking the PVC add-on. First i took the Elements out of the EHU. I was really suppressed to see what i discovered.
The Add-on PVC where complete out the EHU. So we had to fix that with some glue.

– Why is the trombone moving? It was moving because the elements where a bit retraced. So that was the reason why the end of the Trombone was moving all the time. I fix that again and taped the Fiberglas elements.

– Painting the Fiberglass. Well i did buy 2 times a spray. But this seems to me helping hand for just one season. On the internet and forum there is a lot info and news what to use. I did paint my elements with varnish. After i finished the job i check the SWR. It’s still the same as before. So if did not make any effect on the impedance of the firberglass elements.

Well the job is done and we can go for another few years.

I will keep ya updated with information

Marco PE2MC

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