We all know that the digital world is taking his hand.
We have many options to set our qso online via a logbook or database.
For example. Eqsl, Clublog, Hamradio, HRD and many more.

But to confirm your qso’s the only way to do this is by LOTW.
This options is aproved by the Arrl. And it’s allowed to count the Dxcc.

To set this up is very easy. Many people before me done this allready.

So get online and get your Lotw today.
Asign for a Lotw and send a copy of your license to the arrl.
In a few weeks time you will get your Lotw encrypted file for the Lotw TQSL program.

Here a small explanation how to setup Lotw in a good order.

– Register your Lotw
– Download the TQSL program and install
– Send a Copy of your license
– After a few weeks time install the encrypted file for TQSL.
– Make a encypted file to upload from your adi file.
– Upload this to LOTW after login

Those Dxcc that you don’t have confirmed via Qsl count as a Dxcc. Isn’t that kewl.

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