Been hard for me the latest few months 🙂

It not that i only have my own website.
Somethimes i think that things that a bit out of hand. HIHI

Been helping a lot of people with putting up a website. The program i use is WordPress. You can download it from .

I got two doc files in the Dutch language for 2 lessons.
So if you need any help with a website i would be glad to help out. WordPress is made for Dummies. And everybody can deal with it.

Lets fase it. How fare are we into this 🙂 (webmaster) (webmaster) (helpt putting it up) (helpt putting it up) (helpt putting it up) (helpt putting it up) (webmaster) ( webmaster) ( helpt putting this up)

73 and catch you in the pile up 🙂

Marco PE2MC

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