ID515_480x640Icom brand started to deliver the latest Handheld ID-51.
There are many people who like to test the new toy. A few results are on the internet.

I did get my first results from the ID-51 by PA3HGT. He is an owner of the very first ID-51 Handheld.
He comment: Perfect Handheld radio and very lightweight.
There is a big discussion about the Audio of the Handheld ID-51.

There are a lot complaining about the sound of the microphone.
Of course there are many ways to solve this problem.

For instance get a external Microphone. HM133 does fit perfect.
Or just Mod the Case of the ID-51. Be careful with the way and how to.

There are a few thing you need to consider before starting with this Mod.

Remove the micro sd card !! otherwise it will break.
Be careful when opening the case. You easy will damage it.

On the first picture you see the ID-51 open with the O ring you need to remove. On that ring there is also some sort of foam. That also has to be removed.
The second foam in the case will stay just the way it is. That is what you see in picture 3. Finally your done to close the ID-51. Have fun with the new Audio sound of the ID-51.

ID511_640x480 ID512_640x480 ID513_640x480

Remember the second batch of the ID-51 does not have this problem. That is the sound and information i did hear from people.

Just my 2 cents to inform you 🙂 ( tnx to Hans PA3HGT for sharing his Photo’s)

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