I was searching to find any informaiton to get a script for my header.
I you can write PHP some things are very easy to do by yourseslf.
Otherwise you need some help.
I use twitter. And via this medium i follow DO1CO. He is tweeting the latest Solar flux info.
On a day i did ask him how he get the code from the solar flux.

He told me that he is a good PHP writer. I ask him if he would like to write a script for my header.
This morning i has a mail from chris with the first release. A beta.! It is working. 🙂
After a few hours he send me another email with a new script file. He told me the one i was using makes  a lot of trafic so he renewed the script.
I’ve  updated the script and it is working ever sinds.

Thans to DO1CO Chris i now have a solor script running in the header of the website.

Marco PE2MC

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