On this page there will be my overall review from the Ft-DX9000D
I recently sold the IC7700 and bought the FT-DX9000D. Simple because we love Yaesu and the looks of the radio is great.
There is really nothing wrong with the IC7700. It’s great and preforms very well for the money.
Well the FT-DX9000D doesn’t have to look great but must also preform. I will tell you my results.
I played with it for a couple of weeks. Before this rig we had the FT2000. So the menu is almost the same in combination with the DMU unit.

THere are always + and – point about a rig.

Plus point about the FT-DX9000D vs IC7700

– Utune filters ( Super option)
– 2th VFO with all the filters. ( dual watch)
– Listen on 2 bands at the same time
– More function on the front panel.
– Good noise recieving level.
– Real analog meters ( It’s digital driven and you change the setting in the menu )
– TX audio is asum ( getting really nice repots)

Minus points.

– NB is not as good as the IC7700. ( but we can work with it)


 Plus Points about the IC7700

– NB (Super)
– Digitale filter ( Works great)
– TX audio finnaly ok in this rig.
– Good noise recieving level

Minus points
– 1 VFO ( No Dual watch)
– Digital meter in the TFT
– Small buttons to setup the power etc etc. ( It’s doesn’t feel great)

I’ve also played in the CQWWSSB. They radio does not get overloaded with signals. The VRF and Utune option in the rig helps out to recieve low signals. The spletter we did get from other station you turn down easy with a -40db.
The conditions where great and we played on 10 15 and 20mtr to work a lot of new band slots.