We made many contact on different bands 2,10,17,15,20.40,80mtr .. The scouts having funn and the event has been great.
A few contact we made are Fuji, Australia, USA, Puerto rico, Benin, Central afica, etc etc…
Logbook is also online now. Via my website or www.clublog.org

Before the Jota started i went on the 10th of Oktober to the Souting place. I had to plan how we can setup the beam easy in the wooden tower.
The guys really like to know how i going to setup the antenna. I told them my plan and it’s all ok.
We took pictures from the wooden tower without the 2 elm steppir :(. The pictures with the 2 elm steppir are shown in the movie.
The top is 22mtr high including the beam. Also will there be a 3G network for the internet so a webcam show was broadcasted that weekend. Lets Party and we did.

The livestream adress. Http://livestream.com/pe2mc check it out for movies taken that weekend.

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We also have some media news.. A nice article in the local Zenderstreek news. And i made a short Youtube movie. We changed the video yesterday 1-okt-2009. We where not happy with the audio and smooth picture show. So take a look again. We ad also the qso with Mike 3D2MP. Fiji isl 16000km away from the qth lopik.

  CLick on the movie
Video not available

Also some Newspaper information. below here



Setup this Year.

FT1000MP Alpha99 SteppIR 2 ELM (Home made 2times 1 elm)
Vertikal 40mtr
Inverted V for 80mtr
IC746 (VHF/UHF) J-pole 18mtr high

Hope the event will be great as last year.
The place where we are going to be is Scouting Cliffort Reichert te lopik.
The event will be live with a Webcam and Chat.. http://livestream.com/pe2mc

Info from last year (Jota/Joti 2008 a party)
Stay tuned we will be updating the site with pictures and information.

Here the QSL card for 2009 all qsl will be answerd via de bureau. Info Qrz.com

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