First JOTA in Oudewater
jota11-partiallogoJOTA?! For our club an unspecified term. JOTA stands for Jamboree on the Air. After many years of Scouting it passed every year Oudewater, it will be action this weekend (15-16 October) wich is first held at our club!


What is Jota?
The JOTA is an international Scouting activity, which for many years held the third weekend of October. For the JOTA are many Scout Associations around the world together pioneered large towers of up to 25 meters high! Together with the local amateur radio antennas and masts fitted with transmitters. This allows the children, accompanied by the radio amateurs, radio links with Scout groups around the world!

How come?
Because of a renovation in Lopik the scouting group Cliffort Reichert could not proceed with the JOTA or JOTI. Thefore in the very last minute the Jorisgroep in Oudewater could take over the JOTA Papers. They where very suprised with this oppertunity.

For who?
The JOTA is organized for all branches on Saturday running game, and for anyone who is curious about what exactly is going on! Young and old, everyone is welcome! Come watch, valued! The equipment will be installed early in the morning and we go through to Sunday, early afternoon.

So, starting next Saturday morning, Saturday game for all branches and for anyone who wants to come and see or transmit true the air 🙂

Here the Qsl card that will be send out. Tnx for the nice qso’s on all band. Team PE2LZ,PA9T,PE2MC for the Joris scoutinggroup te Oudewater. 2011.