Here the Gallery of the Jota/Joti place Lopik. By scouting Clifford Reichert.

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Also this year Jota Joti is progress. Jota / Joti 2010
I allready had contact with the Scout group Clifford Reichert. They are preparing the paper work and ask me the information.
The kids are very busy again to build the wooden tower. This year they will stay the complete operation on a wooden platform. A new idea. Playing games drinking beer and have some fun. The youngest group will participate with the Jota. They will try to make a contact with other groups.

I it going to be a hacktic week. Before the Jota Joti i’m in Bonaire. As you all me know Bonaire will get a new Dxcc Entity.
Would we like to miss this. Guess not. So i will travel from Friday 09 okt to Bonaire and will be back on the 16th Okt 2010.

Just enough time to join the team. I will try to make the best of it.
Team of this year will be a little bigger. PE2LZ Paul and PA9T Thom and ofcourse myself.
I’m not sure if PD2go Gijs can join us . But he will be arround when the jota is on air.

See ya all on Bonaire in the pile up. And the week after on the Jota event.