Jota is finised and we had a beautiful weekend. Lot of fun and the Hot Tubb was great !! Thom. hmmmm
See the foto’s and have some idea. There is no need for more info the pictures are telling ya enough.
We tested a Steppir vertikal with 30 ground radials . The results are really great. 9+20db on 40mtr in Puerto rico is not bad at all hihi. We worked many stations and tnx to all who works us. See ya all next year on Scouting 2009 QTh lopik. de PE2MC/J (Thom PA9T, Gijs PD2GO, Marco PE2MC)

– FT1000MP with Alpha amp (400w Max) 3 elm FB33 14mtr high
– FT1000M5 with Alpha amp (400w Max) Vertikal steppir 80-6mtr
– Ts2000 (vhf) 100w with vertikal J-pole on 18mtr high

FB33 on top of the wooden tower Building the antenna Working PSK mode Making a qso in 2mtr FM

Steppir coil Hot tube Viva la Sok

Cliffort Reichert Scouting Lopik
Also this Year the Jota/Joti is there. On 17-19 Oktober i will be opperation on the station in Lopik with the call Pe2mc/J. The scouting group is Cliffort Reichert Just take a look and hoppefully we going to meet on the band. I have been with the group for several times and now after a few years we going to meet the goup again. Also here the link to the main page of scouting in holland 73″ Marco PE2MC

After the scouting weekend where going to tell all the details and how many contacts we made!!

Special for scouting day there is a agrement about frequencies. Just check the list
Scouts you can find on the World Scout frequencies.

SSB (phone)
CW (morse)
80 m
3.690 & 3.940 MHz
3.570 MHz
40 m
7.090 & 7.190 MHz
7.030 MHz
20 m
14.290 MHz
14.060 MHz
17 m
18.140 MHz
18.080 MHz
15 m
21.360 MHz
21.140 MHz
12 m
24.960 MHz
24.910 MHz
10 m
28.390 MHz
28.180 MHz
6 m
50.160 MHz
50.160 MHz