Here some old pictures i found from 2002.

We used the call of Klaas PA3GXG. At this time i was introduced to the Scouting Jota Joti event.
Never been away and always fun to be a part of it.
Klaas gave me the leading of the scouting and stopt at the year of 2004.

We did the jota also on the scouting group cliffort Reichert te Lopik.
Opperators  Klaas PA3GXG , Bert PE2KY and Me PE2MC..

Bert is the antenna man as you will see he made a monoband 3 elm beam for 20mtr.
We had to use a Wooden tree to fix the boom. 🙂

PICT0006 Bert and Klaas Dx corner Building the 3 elm monobander

PICT0026 Visit to the KNMI weather tower Weather tower lopik Equipment to measure

We also get a small tour on the KNMI weather tower in Lopik. We did go up to 75mtr. We wind was to hard to go any higher.
To dangerous to do this. But even with this hide we saw a very nice view of Lopik and other places. We also saw Amsterdam the Arena.

Me on 100mtr 75mtr Girlfriend then now my wife hihi Fire alway nice to heat it up FB33 beam on 19mtr high

The beam 22mtr up top Joti also very busy Local qso How of my mom hihi