The radio’s we have been using over the years.
Galaxy turbo, FT840, TS50, TS940S, IC706, IC7000, FT1000Mark5, FT1000Mark5 field,FT1000MP, FT2000, IC7700.

The setup these days.

– Tranciever 1 = FTdx-9000D
– Tranciever 2 = FT1000D
– Tranciever 3 = FT1000MP

The antenna’s i had where many.. 5 elm monobander 10/11mtr, Fritzel FB33, Fritzel FB53, Titanex LP5, PKW 40mtr dipole and now i have a SteppIR 3E+6 with the option for 30/40mtr. Above this i’m using a one element dipole for 80mtr. The dipole is a bit short. So feeding the antenna with a balanced input will do the job to extend the bandwith for 80mtr.