Welcome to the website of PE2MC ex(PE3MCO). I’d like to tell you a few things about myself. My name is Marco . My son was born on the 16th of august 2003. His name is Jimme. Later on, a baby girl was born on the 17th of november 2006. Her name is Elin.


I started with the radio hobby a long time ago. As a little boy my father teached me how to use a CB radio. Can you imagine that I could not believe that we spoke with Zwolle.. It always kept me going to do something with the radio hobby. So I started again in 1992 . After a period of 6 years I got the opportunity to get my license with Bert. (now PE2KY) We started to take the lessons from Peter PA3GNC in IJsselstein. After enough lessons Bert and i decided to take the exame. In 1998 I recieved the C-license for Radio Amateur. I was only allowed  to use 2mtr and 70cm.

I was listening to HF but could not do much with it. My first radio a icom 706MKII. Payed it from my saving money and used it only for 2 and 70cm . After 2003 the government decided that the C license amateur could use all bands on HF. As of  september 2003 i made my first qso’s on 20mtr. I was always interested in HF. So I’m very happy with this decision. At that time it’s was a go to use the HF specturm and still love it.


I’ve changed the antenna system from a monobander for 10mtr to a FB33 from Fritzel (cover 10 15 and 20mtr) . Then moved with the family to another house 2005. At first setup all the equipment and antenna system that i had with a new tower bought from GBantenna towers. A year later i decided to upgrade the antenna that will cover 20m till 6mtr. I’ve tried the LP5 from Titanex. At first a fine antenna. But after a short time the elements where starting to break. I had to replace the antenna or fix the elements. SteppIR was just on the market  but very expensive. After + and – i decided to buy the SteppIR beam and not fix the elements. And still use it after almost 3 years without any trouble. Also a upgrade for the radio’s has been done from the past few years. Of course one at the time i can allow to set this up in just one minute. After selling my Icom i upgraded to a Kenwood TS940sat. What a fine radio. I’ve played with it till 2005. After that time i could buy a Yaesu FT1000D. The love of many Ham’s. I still have the radio but it’s now my spare. In the periode after i tryed many rigs. FT847, FT2000, FT1000Mark5 , FT1000Mark5 field, IC7000, IC7700. I’ve recent upgrade to a FTDX-9000D. That radio came on the market and fell in love with at the first time. I waited to buy the tranciever because of the bugs. But after the PEP upgrade i gave it a go. There are not many Radio’s with the Blue display. But this is better looking with the DMU unit. The filters and Utune are amazing. Low signal are easy picked out from the noise. If i compare it with the FT1000d. That is what the radio is missing because of his age. But normal at that time. Thanks for reading and hope to meet you on the airwaves.

Regards, 73″ PE2MC Marco ( ex PE3MCO)