UK AMP i had this ampifier for a few months. Did some tests with it and sold it again. As you can see there is a external power supply for the HV. With this option you can get out more power because of a better HV power supply. It can gave you arround 1900w easy. Very nice Amp not expensive, but i’m not alowed to use this kind of power because of rules. The normal HV power supply is not as good as it should be. S that’s the main reason to make it external. Also the conducters are replaced inside the Amplifier.

6m/4m DISCOVERY (GS35)

The new version of the 6m/4m Discovery

Uses a Russian GS35 ceramic triode valve.
This rugged triode valve will operate for long periods at an output up to 1500W.
The output stage is a Pi/L network with a tuned input circuit.
A heavy duty toroidal transformer and voltage doubler board produce 3600V.
The valve is cooled with forced air from a powerful centrifugal fan.
The new Discovery features a specially designed control board.
Incorporating soft start and a 3 min start-up timer.

There is also protection for Plate over-current, Grid over-current, Over-drive and internal valve flash-over.


Frequency coverage 50 – 54 MHz and 70 – 75 MHz
Output power 1500W maximum
Drive up to 100W
Power requirements 230V AC at 13A, 50/60Hz
DC voltage 3600V DC
Gain 13dB nominal
Valve single GS35 ceramic triode
Cooling Forced air cooling
Harmonics 3rd harmonic: better than ?45dB
Metering Plate current, Grid current / RF O/P?
Protection Plate over-current, Grid over-current, Over-drive,Internal
valve flash-over, soft start & 3 min timer
Dimensions 14in wide x 9.75in high x 17in deep 360mm x 250mm x 30mm
Weight 29kg