Here you can see the line of the Alpha Amplifiers.. Photo’s taken from the inside and outside. It’s one of the best Amp’s ever made.

First a few photo’s and details about the Alpha linear click on the front photo to view the details about the amp!!


  • Capable of 1.5kW continuous RF ouput on all commonly used modes and on any authorized amateur frequency from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz with no time limit
  • Two 4CX800 svetlana tetrodes
  • Full CW break-in (QSK) and all digital modes
  • Compatibility with popular amateur transceivers and exciters
  • Massive Hipersil tape-wound transformer



Here a few photo’s of the inside from an Alpha99 Link

inside fan spoel tubes


Band Change & Tuning: Manual tune and load. Quick change and retune using built in “tune” indicator. No special cables or connections required.
Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-29.7 mhz* plus most non-amateur frequencies 6.0-19.0 mhz and 20-30 mhz.
Power Output: 1500 watts pep, keyed cw, or continuous carrier, no time limit. Auxiliary cooling fan (optional) recommended for very high duty cycle continuous operation i.e. contesting & RTTY.
Drive Power: Typically 50 to 55 watts for full rated output.
Input VSWR: < 1.5:1
Tube Complement: Two svetlana 4cx800 ceramic-metal tetrodes. Grounded cathode, class ab with broadband passive input.
T/R System: Rugged vacuum relay. Full QSK.
ALC: Grid-current-derived, -10v maximum, adjustable gain.
Harmonic Output: Better than 50 db below rated output.
Intermodulation: Better than 30 db below rated output.
Fault Protection: Plate current, load vswr, t/r sequencing, gain (i.e., severe mistune or rf arc).
Displays: Led bargraphs for peak pout, prefl and switched bargraph for ip, hv and tune indicator.
Cooling: Full cabinet ducted air, rear intake/top exhaust. Floating blower mount for quietest operation.
Primary Power: 100/120/200/220/240 v nominal, 50-60 hz, single phase; fused 20a. Operation on 100-120v may reduce available output below maximum rating.
Size & Weight: 17.3″ W x 7″H x 16.5″ D (439 x 178 x 419 mm) excluding controls, feet, and connectors. 65 lb. (30kg) net.

I am a radio amateur for over 15 years now. I started with a small IC706. I was only allowed to use 2/70cm. So that was mainly the reason for this type of radio. In 1993 we were allowed to use the HF bands. After that everything went very fast.. First we changed the beam from a 4 elm monobander to a fb33 from Fritzel. We traded our IC706 against a FT847. We tested the rig and also this one has left the shack. The TS2000 maybe that’s a winner. I can tell ya it’s now the longest rig in the shack for over the years. I Still use it on my holidays and at home for 2/70cm. Hmm.. we saved some money again and bought a TL922. Wwhowww what a tank! 1kw max output not on the warc. This was a start of a virus that never ends.. When you are buying an Amp. you’ll never going to live without it.. It’s more like a virus.. The simple thinking about Tubes and power.. Really awesome. Finally a new tank arrived. It is one hell of a machine. We had the money so I bought the Amp. An Alpha87a fully automatic, a dream came true. After two years of using this amplifier the Alpha87a, it is still in the shack. It’s overall fast solid and you almost don’t hear the Amp. So my advice: Save money and buy a good amplifier in one time ya gonna do it anyway by upgrading and upgrading..

Marco Pe2mc