Here you can see the line of the Alpha Amplifiers.. Photo’s taken from the inside and outside. It’s one of the best Amp’s ever made.

First a few photo’s and details about the Alpha linear click on the front photo to view the details about the amp!!


  • Capable of 1.5kW continuous RF ouput on all commonly used modes and on any authorized amateur frequency from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz with no time limit
  • Full CW Break-In (QSK) and all digital modes
  • Compatibility with popular amateur transceivers and exciters
  • AlphaMax firmware comes with added features to readjust output network, trim tune, and readjust loading to prevent distortion due to overdrive.


Here a few photo’s of the inside from an Alpha87a Link

elco fan spoel tubes


Band Change & Tuning: matic under microprocessor control; average time required for complete bandchange and tuneup, <1 second. No special cables or connections required.
Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-29.7 mhz* plus most non-amateur frequencies 6.0-19.0 mhz and 20-30 MHz.
Power Output: 1500 watts pep, keyed cw, or continuous carrier, no time limit. Auxiliary cooling fan (optional) recommended for very high duty cycle continuous operation i.e. contesting & RTTY.
Drive Power: Typically 50 to 55 watts for full rated output.
Input VSWR: < 1.5:1 within amateur bands; < 2:1 elsewhere.
Tube Complement: Two Eimac 3CX800A7 triodes in grounded grid.
T/R System: Heavy duty PIN diode switch capable of feedthrough and hot switching of 150W exciter power. Switching time approximately 1ms. Enclosed mechanical bypass relay.
ALC: Grid-current-derived, -10v maximum, adjustable gain.
Harmonic Output: Better than 50 db below rated output.
Intermodulation: Better than 35 db below rated output.
Fault Protection: Plate current, grid current, load VSWR, T/R sequencing, gain (i.e., severe mistune or RF arc), overdrive, open heater, overtemperature, others.
Displays: Led bargraphs for peak pout, prefl and switched bargraph for ip, hv and tune indicator.
Cooling: Full cabinet ducted air, rear intake/top exhaust. Floating blower mount for quietest operation.
Primary Power: 190-250V (200, 220, 240V nominal taps), 50-60 Hz, single phase; fused 20A.
Size & Weight: 17.3″ W x 7″H x 16.5″ D (439 x 178 x 419 mm) excluding controls, feet, and connectors. 75 lb. (34kg) net.