How to add a BALUN 1:9 on a GPA27

Here i’m going to tell you how to make a balun.
We have several baluns and on the internet there are many site with this information.
A project i did was making a GPA27a into a HF vertikal.
They only thing you had to do is very simple ad a balun on the foot.

Make a 1.9 balun and put this in the bottom of the antenne.
Now you have a vertikal for HF. It’s ofcourse not a perfect antenna but it’s cheap and it works.
Many other company’s are making there own design and if the size is not big you have to wonder will this antenna be working. Won’t i be like a ordinairy dummyload.

See fig1


Fig2 the result of the antenna



HF Vertikal for 40mtr

I’ve been on Ameland isl . On the island you allowed to drive with a car but this is very expensive.
So to bring my equipment i have to think how to travel with it in a very small compact size.

Well i found a fiberglass vertikal 10mtr high. Hmm will this work. At first i have to test the antenna in the garden.
I made a wire for about 11mtr long up and taped it on the fiberglass vertikal.
Ad on the bottom i did put 10 radials for about 10mtr long.
Of course i tweaked the size till i have a very need swr on 40mtr.

I did also put a pl chasis on the bottem so i can ad ground radials.
I can tell the results are great.. Worked over 1300 contact in 4 days. Used only 100w into the vertikal. So very good and solid solution for a portable station. The more ground radials the more the antenne will work.