The New Rig is now here..!!!!
In first week of August my new rig should be in the netherlands. I told the company i will believe it when i see it. As we all know the FT9000D has to be pre ordered or else you won’t get the rig. First week of August nothing yet.. You will see it will be here when i’m on holliday on PJ4. And guess what the last week of my holliday the rig was finnaly arrived.

We came back on the 23th of August. My good friend Bert PE2KY has picked up my new rig and also his. On Monday i was tired and Bert was not at home yet.. grrrr wait wait i can’t i need my rig!!! hihi.. Thuesday i went at 4 o’clock local time to Bert place and took home my new rig. Whoawww what a weight and when i took it out of the box.. Whoawww what a buttons. RTFM must be done first.
After putting all the cables in the radio we made a few contacts. People are telling me that the audio is very clear and sounds like a rock.

We of course had some problems during the installation. 1st the remote microham USB3 sends all my audio to the tranciever and it went click click click.. we found the problem and fixed this. 2th the Alpha 87a never never use band data.. My audio was crab and not working ok. It took me 2,5 hours to discover that this was the main problem of my crap audio. It’s  because of the ground problem i made via de band data connector. RTFM and saw i had to use the TX,grnd cinch connector..

If you need any info please let me know i will help if i can.. (take a look with my new made pictures.)

IMG_2798 IMG_2800

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Theo says:

vraagje, hoe bevalt de FT9000D jou en heb je evt nog op of aanmerkingen?? over gebruik of kwaliteit?

wil er een kopen, maar hoe gaat dit precies en hoelang duurt het voor hij er is? moet ik bv aanbetalen en wat vind je van
de ontvanger?

ben erg benieuwd want ik heb een voorkeur voor deze set en op de 2e plaats ic7800.
ben dus erg benieuwd naar jouw ervaringen.

73 Theo pa3the