On this  expedition will take part.

 FO/DL1AWI ,     FO/DL3APO ,     FO/DL5XU

Lateste news…

1.Febr. 20.20 utc  from DL1AWI
Hello HAM’s ! Our activity is now limitet for 80/30m. It’s impossible to rebuild our vertical from station1 temporary for 160m. Very strong wind disable the work.

73 de TX3D-Team

1.Febr. 8.00 utc
very windy there.They can not work 160.Will work80/30 m this night

31.Jan 20.30 utc from DL1AWI
Hi Folks,
since yesterday afternoon we are at 30m. First 1000 contacts in the log. Huge pile ups and good         signals.80m in the early afternoon we heard lot of DL s in a weekend contest. After our dinner we were  start our activity and no answer for our cq.
One hour later the big pile ups came up.
The most important problem is all stations calling at a small frequency range. Please spread out!
Today we will use a switching box for a quick band change (160 and 80m).
73   TX3D team

19.Jan 8.30 Z   Thanks Phil FO8RZ

Team arrive good in Raivavae in their afternoon,but without 50 percent of their baggages.
They have only 2 trcv,1 Pa and little wire(no mast,no coax,no Ant). They will go in the Air
with low signal.Next airplane from Papeete comes wednesday and they hope,the rest of the
baggages comes then.  During the Day they have powerline noise and have to go QRT with the operation

Hope they will be online soon so we can hear them in EU.

Also they are opperation now with the call TX3D from 23th of Jan till the end of the expedition. They are on another island.


**** UPDATE****

I worked TX3D on 40mtr YES!!!!! DXCC 294 ( lets try for more.) propagation is not very good but maybe 30mtr will be a option.

 TX3D Log Search Results for PE2MC
Callsign    Band Mode
PE2MC 40m CW
40m X
Number of QSO(s) found: 1
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 Last QSO in the Online Log: Jan 30, 2010 17:00 UTC (TX3D)

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