fk8cpThis morning i turned on the radio. First checked the sunspots and A and K index. The numbers are telling me that it could be a hard day to work DX.

Sunspots = 0
Solar flux = 75
A- index = 6
K- Index = 2

Propagation today on the 27th of november is not very good.
I first checked the cluster what’s happing. A31A spotted nothing. VK9XX 10mtr nothing.hmmmmm finnaly i did see a spot for FK8CP on 40mtr. At first i thought no go. Voaprop is telling me this . It’s software so do not trust it total hihi.
I’f checked 40mtr and heard FK8CP very low. I had to put all my filters in place to pull him out of the noise. Lucky i can play with that kind of DSP setting in the rig.
He was working from 162 till 163 split up. And the highest point i gave a shot. After a few calls he heard me whoaaaaaa. A new Dxcc on 40mtr.. Really great.
So even when the sunpots are low the condition are maybe not what you should expect.

I always say work first worry later hihi

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