The “Work All Europa” contest will take place on PJ4 (Bonaire)
The Hams who are participate in this contest are.

PJ4NX Peter, PG4M, Michiel, PE2MC marco

We hope that the propagation will be very good and lets work as many as we can.
Beside the contest we will also be active with our own call.
If you work us separate there will be a overall award for those who send the qsl. Happy hunting.

Just look for more information on this link !! CLICK HERE !!
The livestream and information will be online on the side from PI4CC or on my page with the Webcam Link. 10-16 september 2009

The stream can be watched on !!CLICK HERE!!

For more information and photos go to the page of pi4cc. I will update A.S.A.P.

There is a slight of change in the flight shedule. The plane Insel Air is not able to bring us to Bonaire. They changed the flight shedule and is not possible to change this. So Peter Pj4NX called his good friend. He has a plane and lucky he has to be on PJ2 to deliver something. So he said well i can pick them up and do this in one flight.. Great our own personal flight hihi. A six person aircraft.. CQCQ PJ4/PE2MC/MM hihi. Check the photo..


Pj4nc working 80mtr late in the evening Pe2mc getting a pile up from europa PG4M Michiel

Tower 1 with a 4-12 24mtr high Tower 2 27mtr up with a c3 and 2 elm 40mtr beam

If anyone need the qsl for the DXCC just send  it. Pls only direct from 2009. All information is on and i will reply as soon as possible.

PJ4/PE2MC Sa006