It’s been a while that we been on the island Bonaire.
I’ve been there 4 times over the last few years.

This year i had no holliday because of private issues and at work it was very busy.
A friend of mine is going to Bonaire and ask me to come along.

I never doubt a moment and said yes. Beautiful wheather and nice island and some dx on the island.

Bonaire 2012 here we come 🙂
Because of an early shedule the Antenna farm from Radio Netherlands where down at the moment we did arrive on the island.
So we could not use those hugh antenna’s anymore. We had to do plan be. Putting up the tower at the place from Peter (PJ4NX)

Peter arranged the special call PJ4X. One call is always better then using PJ4/
I remember the time i have used this option with Micheal PG4M. I did receive cards that belong to him and also i guess the other way around.

On call one manager the best way to provide no problems with a qsl route. And also in a hugh pile up no mistakes.

We made 6400 contacts in less then a week time. And we were not qrv the complete 24 hours but most of the time EU was awake.
Working also a lot of Japan stations during the evening. Sometimes hard to work them because of the pile up from the US.

Thanks for working us.
Qsl can be requested direct, bureau of via QQrs on

Team: PE2KY , PE2MC and PJ4NX

PJ4X groep