1th part

We planed a trip to Pj4 in August this year. We arrived on the airport and what a big surprise.
We saw a Big *member* ( breukelse intresse group) on the airport. John PA7JB and Jan PA???pa7jb
The coincidence he is also on the same flight to PJ2 ( curacao). We talk a little about a few people and also ofcourse about Peter Pj4nx.
I told John we switched houses and in that way keep the cost low. Peter is now btw in the netherlands. funny is he’s now PA/PJ4NX ad i’m PJ4/PE2MC. We hope to work each other with a sked on 20mtr. That very strange.. He is on my place and i’m on his.

After we arrived on Curacao we have to make a short trip to Bonaire. Ez-Air will bring us there. The kids really didn’t know what to acpect. First a big 744 to Curacao . And after that a 8 person plane to bonaire the BN-2.. See for yourself..

IMG_2297Jimme is covering his ears

Elin in de DB-2Elin didn’t care and saw it like a ordinaire bus stop hihi.

We just arrived yesterday and we took allready 30 a 40 pictures hihi..

2th part

We arrived on Bonaire. The first day we made a few contacts. The band was open and signals where strong. Hopefull for the rest of the week i guess.
The second day the signals where only good for the Big Guns. You really notice the difference. I only made a few contact that day. PI4CC and PG4M where the strongest from the netherlands. Why guess antenna work hihi.
The third day was great we had a huge pile up hihi. Also work a lot of friends from PA. PD2GO ,PD0SV,PA3ANF, PE2LZ,PG4M,VE <– (PE2LZ),WP3UX <— my good friend from Puerto rico.

IMG_2369 IMG_2356 IMG_2368

We also did some sight seeing on the island.. We went to Lac , Rincon, And Sorobon, The kids love the water. It’s not cold like on our place but warm hihi. Unlucky i also had some car problems. It had some damage on the right hanging part of the car . Lucky i could call the sun of Irma and he helpt us out. At night the car was returned to the house. The next moring we phoned some dealers and the part the car needs takes 2,5 weeks to deliver. hmmm bumber ….We have to rent a car for the next few days. Anyhow watch out for me on the band.. The main frequency i use is 14.137 . I can only opperate from 3.00 till 5.00 local time. The kids sleep in this room. In about 3 weeks from now i will be qrv from Rincon. PG4M PJ4NX and myself are going to do the WAE contest. I will make it up for all of you. The band we are going to use are 10 till 160mtr. In SSB CW RTTY, PSK… Work us on many bands i should be funn.

17 August i did get a sample of a qso with PA/PJ4NX Peter.. Tnx Bram (SM0FLY) for recording this qso.

Flash required

73 Marco Pe2mc

3th part

IMG_2704 IMG_2530 IMG_2654

The holliday bonaire is now finnaly to a end.
The view on bonaire and thing we did where great.

– Museum Mangazina di Rei ( youtube video will be online soon)
– Washington slagbai park ( Wayaka II , Slagbaai, Posmangel)
– Lac
– Sorobon
– Donkey beach

If anyone like to pay a visit to the island. You should go to these places.
Also the propagation was not bad. One day better then they other . Also worked al lot of EU and ofcourse PA stations.

We made 1150 contacts. in 2 weeks time.. The time i was qrv was only from 4 o’clock till 5′ o’clock in the afternoon local time.
Tnx all for working me and qsl will send out via Globalqsl.com.. Stay tuned.
Check the log if you are in. I have it online on the logbook page. Qsl via de bureau or direct+ 2 $ and SAE pls.
In 2 week i will be on the island again from the Contest location in rincon.. We are going to activate all band incl Warc.!!!!

Marco Mieke Jimme Elin

(if you like to comment feel free.. Tnx all for working me on the island. Be aware in 2 week i will be back )