New IOTA activation from EA6

We had a prefect holliday on EA6. In my spare time i made the best with making contact.
What amage me the most is that i easy worked Japan in Rtty. That was a big suprice.
Over 8000Km with only 100watts and a dipole FD3.
The propagation was not that good and sometimes it was hard to hear any station because of the local qrm. The Qrm is sometimes so high you can’r hear any station at all.
I must be lucky to live in the netherlands and don’t have such big problems :).
I also participate a bit in the IOTA contest. If anyone need some information just send me a note. It’s was just to help out with some points.
A total op 150 contacts in rtty,ssb on 10,20,40 mtr.

Tnx all who worked me and i will qsl 100% via de Bureau. So no need to send any qsl card. If you need it direct you will find my details on of here on my website.

Here you will see the Place it’s 100mtr above see level.

EA6/PE2MC (2010)

Logbook EA6/PE2MC (EU004 Mallorca Isl.) online