Update 2:

Hi All,
Here a small update about the week to bonaire island. We did see serveral things it’s a very beautiful island and of course (tnx Peter PJ4NX for your kindness and hospitality) the Contest PJ4E. We made a good score and we did leave PJ2T behind with a big difference. They had tranciever problems. First started with M/M and after a while they continu with M/M but only with 2 trancievers what we did hear. We also had a few problems of our own. The 40mtr beam was not working because of the last storm. The linear loading was broken. Both two rotor’s didn’t turn. We had to clime in the towers to see what was broken. The first was a Big Paint problem hmm. Which idote has done this. A idote who doesn’t have any ham spirit. Lucky the second rotor was a cable problem. We fixed the second with a loop in the wire. Also the inverted L for 160 was not working well. We had to make a Beverich to fix also this problem. So lucky we had two beams for 10-15-20 mtr and A beverich for 160,80 and a inverted V for 40mtr.
A total of 7716 contact and 14,6M point. It’s not the final score this will be ready by the end of the week. Kyle WA4PGM is going to see what’s wrong or not ok in the log.

Pe2mc With a PileupOn the contest start day we tested the station to europa. Never had a Pile up like this Whoaaa..
I even had to shut down europa to pick my dutch friends out of the pile up. Even then it was still a mess with dutch amature’s hihi. Tnx all for the funn and we are going to do it again.. PJ4E 599 Qrz hihi

!!see a few foto’s from the contest location how we did run the contest!!

Pe2KY working JA-US Pj4nc working 80mtr late in the evening Wa4pgm working a pile up on 160mtr Roy and John are taking care of 15 mtr and higher

Pe2mc getting a pile up from europa Tower 1 with a 4-12 24mtr high Tower 2 27mtr up with a c3 and 2 elm 40mtr beam

Team PJ4E (Kyle wa4pgm, John K6am, Roy wk4y, Peter pj4nx. Bert pe2ky, Marco pe2mc)

Update 1:
This year will be different with operations on the Cqww SSB. Normaly i will go to PI4CC to be active with a contest. A good friend Peter (PJ4NX) ask me to come over to PJ4. Of course i had to think it over and talk to my wife. Well after a few hours of talk i desided to take the trip and be opperator on the other end of the pile up hihi. I did phone my other friend Bert (PE2KY). His answer make it two if you don’t mind. Kewl a week it will be with a lot of fun.
So see ya all in the Pile up on PJ4E.
Also i will be active on the band from 21-10 till 28-10 with the call PJ4/PE2MC. This will be at the home of Peter (PJ4NX)
Qsl PJ4/PE2MC via home call info qrz.com

Contest Location PJ4

73 Marco PE2MC