I’t been a year later. Again the family and i are going to EU038. I will tryed to be qrv as many times as possible.
Bands i used 40 / 20-6mtr SSB and RTTY.

All will be +/- 10 KHZ if it is busy.

Bandplan 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6
SSB x x 7.070 ( 165 US) 0 14.150 18.140 21.275 24.940 28.450 50.140
Rtty x x 7.035 0 14.082 18.102 21.082 24.922 28.082 50.600

40m 7.070 7.035
7.165 (USA)

This was the plan. We arrived with the family at 12.30 in the afternoon. We did miss a boat because we where only 5 minutes to late.
So we waited for another hour to take the next.
As we arrived my father in law told me that the flagpole was gone. He always makes jokes so i did not believe him at the first place. The i saw it for myself and this time he was right.

Hmmm another bump to take. I saw a ladder and took this from the store. Arround the place there where a lot of trees. So climbing on the ladder and see if i can put the antenne in the tree. On the first day i put the antenne in a tree arround 4 a 5mtr high. I was not stisfied enough so the next day i saw a much better spot. I disabled the antenna again and put i higher in the next tree.

Ok that is fixed letts go inside to setup the gear. i unpacked the stuff and put this on the cabinet. I discover a major problem. I forgot the power cord of my TS2000. Whoaaaaaaaaa. Think Think what can i do to fix this. In the house i found some electric wires. As i opent the TS200o i was wondering if i could solder the wires to the power connector. And yes it was easy to fix also this problem. Lucky i did bring my soldering iron with me.

On the second day of the operation a major problem did happen. My laptop with virtual windows did crash. I had to rebuild it again and fix some software programs. On een wireless open network i good download some software tools. You had to see me with my bike and laptop. Because of this i did loose my complete log from the first 2 days. What a bummer it was. So if anyone got some details please upload them to Eqsl of send me the details via de email. I would more then happy to Qsl.


I did arrive save home on wednesday late in the afternoon. The camera was still on the island so i had to wait when it was back home. Ii uploaded the pictures on saturday and the story and could make a new qsl design. Me and my wife had made beautiful pictures , One of them she took was so nice for a new qsl design. Hope you like the card.

73 marco pe2mc/p ameland isl Eu038